Midi Control Mic

I designed the early stage prototype housings for the wireless Sennheiser MIDI and loop control mic. You can watch famous beatboxer and singer Butterscotch demonstrate the microphone below.

This project drilled the importance of user testing into my brain. The early prototypes, although ugly, "pipe bomb" looking microphones, allowed us to instantly iterate on different control layouts in user tests. Early on we realized that all musicians have different technical acceptance thresholds and different play styles. We decided it was foolish to let our engineering/music-nerd brains dictate a control layout, so we decided to have studio sessions with singers, beatboxers, and musicians to get their interaction input. All the buttons and sliders where attached with velcro and putty so the microphone was completely customizable. We learned so much found that simplicity was key to avoid feature creep and accidental button pushing when people grabbed the mic.