A creative, resourceful, self-directed Mechanical/Audio systems design engineer at Sennheiser's R&D office and Stanford graduate student at CCRMA (Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics). Has exceptional iterative prototyping, mechanical design, and acoustics engineering skills. I enjoy the collaborative, creative process of turning disruptively innovative concepts and technologies into graspable prototypes. Looking for a summer internship

UPV measurements, PCB debug, 3D Printing, Soldering, Machine Shop (~100 hours), Prototyping, Acoustic measurements

FEA Simulation

CAD Modeling
Catia, SolidWorks

MATLAB, LabView, Arduino, MathCAD, EES

Audio DAW
Ableton, Logic, Traktor, Final Cut X

Adobe CS5

Lime Lab - Product Development Engineer Intern - San Francisco, CA

  • Consumer product design under a Senior Engineer
  • Created knowledge wiki to foster collaborative knowledge sharing

Stanford M.A. CCRMA (Computer Research in Music and Acoustics) - Palo Alto, CA

  • Fall 2013 to March 2015 - 3.8 GPA
  • Re-inventing the disco ball: Infinity mirror cube A/V art+music installation
  • Studying DSP and acoustics at Stanford and taking d.school classes
  • Mosquito buzz detection and classification

Sennheiser Technology & Innovation - M.E. - San Francisco, CA

  • Led a team designing and prototyping a radical new headphone concept and transducer design to that was presented the board of directors and is in the process of being patenting
  • Mechanical and optics design for a laser drum mic trigger that won most innovative audio technology of 2013 from various music publications/Blogs
  • Mechanical/acoustical design and measurement of prototype beamforming microphones
  • Created early prototypes of the Tahoe wireless mic that reimagines the way singers perform by adding MIDI control
  • Traveled to NYU’s Steinhardt music technology department to design a mic for high resolution instrument directivity pattern measurements. The research has since been presented at AES and ASA conferences.

Catalina Rhyme Mixers - Manager & Musician - Palo Alto, CA

Colorado School of Mines - B.S. Mechanical Engineering - Golden, CO

      Senior Design Team Leader

  • SODAR (Sonic Detecting and Ranging) prototype for measuring wind velocity. Created a prototype, and coded the beamforming DSP for a SODAR unit for my senior design project.
  • Uses piezo-electric transducers to send/receive doppler shifted signals reflected off of different wind velocities

      Group Leader for EPICS Design Class

  • Invented a “Fishing Gun” enabled quadri/paraplegics to fish by casting a lure out of a modified paintball gun.

B&N industries - Cad technician - Burlingame, CA

  • Drafted and organized CAD SolidWorks drawings for B&N industries, a high-end retail fixtures company.

  • Assembled furniture fixtures and created layouts for retail clients, such as H&M, Apple, and Whole Foods.

Recording Studio construction - San Jose, CA

  • Worked for an electrical/audio engineer, constructing and wiring a state-of-the-art recording studio.